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How to Upload LIN files to Bridgebase

So in this video i’m going to show you how to download LIN files and then upload them to Bridgebase. You can then use these as a teaching aid or to practice certain hand types with your bridge friends.


Jacoby 2NT


Kokish Game Tries



    Thank’s for this efficient tutorial.
    I now have a set of deals available in my archive accounts. However they are not at all available for a bidding training on BBO practice. I may not have a correct BBO user profile for thisuse? Any explanations / procedures ?

    • Hi Martin,
      Glad you liked my tutorial.
      Sometimes when you upload, for whatever reason they sometimes don’t show up.
      I was doing a zoom tutorial for my Tuesday group and when I went to add the hands to play there was nothing there!
      Anyway I logged back out and back in again and fortunately they showed up!
      Maybe there is a possibility that you haven’t logged in enough to use them. I’ve heard of other features which aren’t available for lack of logins…such as setting up a team game…so in short I don’t know the answer as to why you cannot load the hands in. Please post back if you find a solution or if it magically resolved itself.

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