Transfer splinters over a NT opening.

These are bids all on the 3 level directly after a 1NT opening.

These bids show a singleton above the suit mentioned showing either 4441 or 5440 shapes. Or can be 5431/5413 shapes.

Responder bids the splinter suit if maximum and without wastage in the short suit. This is not completely game forcing opposite a minimum for the bid, but does encourage slam investigation.

The opener will not by-pass a major if available.

Meaning of Bids

Let’s look at the meaning of these bids after 1NT:-

  • 3♣ – Singleton / void in diamonds
  • 3 – Singleton / void in hearts
  • 3 – Singleton / void in spades
  • 3♠ – Singleton / void in clubs

Example Hands

Example hands would be:-

  1. ♠ AQ54 QJ84 6 ♣ KQ107 Bid 3♣
  2. ♠ 4 AQ109 A986 ♣ Q742 Bid 3
  3. ♠ AQJ10 void K1072 ♣ QJ32 Bid 3
  4. ♠ KJ109 Q743 AK54 ♣ 7 Bid 3♠

Responding by 1NT opener

  1. 3 shows a minimum but 4/5 hearts
  2. 3♠ maximum and slam try…3NT by responder would be serious slam try
  3. 3NT – I’ve got good values in hearts…no interest in slam
  4. 4♣ – slam try in the other 3 suits..4 by opener would just be a relay


If the 3X bid is doubled…Pass is to play…RD shows weakness in that suit but shows a good hand. Bids show weakness.

If the opponents have an agreement that the double shows the splinter suit, then RD shows a penalty interest if they sacrifice, bids of the splinter suit shows slam interest and other bids are weak.

You can of course have your own agreements.