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Bridge videos that I’ve created on my Youtube channel.

Splinter Bids

So this is a recorded live stream of splinter bids opposite major bids.

In this long video we cover the rule of 26 and we also use RKCB to bid slams more confidently.

Tuesday Tutorial 28th July

I decided to cover the topic of transfers – the focus of this tutorial was just on red suit transfers…mainly getting used to the idea of showing a 5 card suit and then bidding no trumps and then getting the opening 1NT bidder to choose the final contract based on their hand…

Using Bridgebase handviewer

In this video we look at how to defend a hand using GIB in the handviewer. This is a brilliant tool in improving your game. This is a must tool for any bridge player who wants to improve their defence. Remember you defend roughly 50% of the time so this is actually the most important aspect of the game.

Bridge Hand Analysis

Examining all the information to analyse a hand.

In this hand we can work out whether to play to drop a card or finesse…

How to register on Bridgebase

This video shows you how to register on the popular Bridgebase website including receiving an e-mail confirmation and what that looks like.

Using GIB to Analyse Hands

So in this video I’m going to analyse bridge hands from a teams match from the lockdown league…As apart of the analysis I’ll be using GIB.

Lockdown League 03/07/20

I’ve actually added a bit more analysis of this one that you might want to look at later…

2nd June Tuesday Tutorial

Random hands tutorial from the 2nd of June…

9th June Tuesday Tutorial

Random hands from our Tuesday tutorial on the the 9th June 2020….

Tuesday 23th June 2020

Tuesday 23th June 2020…our Tuesday group continues with more random hands….always something to learn from these hands…

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