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Exit Transfers

Exit transfers in bridge are a way of escaping from a poor 1NT doubled contract. This convention can be played with a weak or a strong no trump.

You can play this after 1NT – Double – ? and also after 1x – 1NT – Double – ?

Let’s look at the responses after the 1NT has been doubled…

PassAsks partner to Redouble
RDAsks partner to bid clubs
2♣4 Card Stayman
2Asks partner to bid hearts
2Asks partner to bid spades

Apart from pass…the responses are straightforward.

So after Redouble (RD) partner bids 2♣…if the redoubler now bids diamonds they are now showing a 5+ diamond suit.

Alternatively you can drop the Stayman element of this system and use 2C as a transfer to diamonds. It’s your partnerships choice!

What about 1NT – X – P – P – RD

So the whole purpose of this is we can get partner to RD if we think 1NT is making or if we bid on we are now denying holding a 5 card suit and are now trying to find a 4-4 fit if possible.

Let’s look at the responses:

PassHappy to play in 1NT doubled and RD
2♣I have a 4 card club suit
2I have a 4 card diamond suit
2I have a 4 card heart suit and don’t have 4 spades

The original 1NT opener or overcaller can now pass or bid their 4/5 card suit up the line. Bidding continues like this until you find a 4-4 suit or you have to settle in a 4-3 fit. If you bid correctly you will always at least find a 4-3 fit and maybe, if opener has a 5 card suit you might even get lucky and find a 5-4 fit.

If you play a weak NT then this convention is really useful to learn and master.

I’ve also done an exit transfers video.

Exit Transfers

This video shows you what to do when you’ve been doubled for penalties in a 1NT (usually weak) contract. Click exit transfers for more detailed notes to go along with the video.

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