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Bridge videos that I’ve created on my Youtube channel.

9th June Tuesday Tutorial

Random hands from our Tuesday tutorial on the the 9th June 2020….

Tuesday 23th June 2020

Tuesday 23th June 2020…our Tuesday group continues with more random hands….always something to learn from these hands…

Tuesday 30th June 2020

This is a live replay taken from 30th June 2020. There is a lot packed into these 8 hands including exit transfers, and 2c benji-acol opener.

Modifying LIN files

Well someone just asked me a question and I thought the easiest way was to answer it with a video. They basically wanted to know how they could combine their LIN files so they wouldn’t get 4 lots of 6 boards…i.e. 1 to 6.

In other words they wanted 1-24 boards.

You can avoid this by combining the LIN files together using something as simple as Notepad!

Convert PBN to LIN

This video will show how you convert PBN files to the LIN file format…

Here is the link to upload your PBN file and dowmload them as a LIN file.

How to Upload LIN files to Bridgebase

So in this video i’m going to show you how to download LIN files and then upload them to Bridgebase. You can then use these as a teaching aid or to practice certain hand types with your bridge friends.

Setting up bidding constraints on bridgebase

This video shows you how to set up bidding constraints on bridgebase. For instance this means you could for example make one hand always have 4 hearts, always have between 12-14 points, always have a minimum of 2 cards in every suit. Basically whatever you want to do….however you choose. This is a great way to practice certain hand types like 5-4 in the majors, weak 2’s, weak NT, 2NT openers and so forth….

EBU Lockdown League 03/06/2020

EBU Lockdown League 03/06/2020. Disaster…but one thing about bridge is that you learn from your mistakes….hopefully!

EBU Lockdown League 05/06/2020

EBU Lockdown League 05/06/2020. A big win!

Setting Up a Teams Match on Bridgebase

This video was taken from setting up an actual live match which was part of a teams of 8 match between Bury Athenaeum and Manchester Bridge Club.

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