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How to Upload LIN files to Bridgebase

So in this video i’m going to show you how to download LIN files and then upload them to Bridgebase. You can then use these as a teaching aid or to practice certain hand types with your bridge friends.

EBU Lockdown League 03/06/2020

EBU Lockdown League 03/06/2020. Disaster…but one thing about bridge is that you learn from your mistakes….hopefully!

EBU Lockdown League 05/06/2020

EBU Lockdown League 05/06/2020. A big win!

2D opening Bid in Benji Acol

This is the same as the Acol 2♣ opening bid i.e. a strong (23+ points) balanced hand, OR a game forcing hand. The negative bid is now 2. Although again you can just use this as a relay bid to see what opener has exactly. Relaying is my recommendation. Openers rebids of NT would show:

  • 2NT – 23-24 points
  • 3NT – 25-27 points
  • 4NT – 28-30 points

These bids are the only bids passable.

Let’s look at an example 2 opener:-

♠ AKQJ863
♣ AK7
♠ 954
♣ Q3

So the bidding could go:-

  • 2 – 2– 2♠ – 3♠ – 4♣ – 4 – 5♣ – 6♣ – 6♠.

So 6♠ is reached by cue bidding 1st 2nd and 3rd round controls in clubs. Because North is missing the ace of diamonds it’s right for south to cue bid the 3rd round control in clubs.

Another partnership agreement that people have is to show a very poor hand opposite the strong suited hand by just bidding the next suit up. Since the two diamond bid is game forcing…the auction might go something like…

  • 2 – 2
  • 3 – 3
  • 3NT – Pass

So 3 could be a 5+ card suit but can also be a negative…as you don’t want the weak hand to play it out in 3NT as they might only have game if they are playing it out.

  • 2 – 2
  • 3 – 3
  • 4 – Pass

The above sequence can be passed out

  • 2 – 2
  • 3 – 3
  • 3♠ – Forcing as it is a change of suit.

Some alternatives…

These are just some ideas you could choose to play…again this is down to partnership agreement.

  • 2♣ – 2
  • 2NT*

Shows 23-24 points.

  • 2 – 2
  • 2NT*

Shows 25-26 points.

  • 2♣ – 2
  • 3NT*

Shows 27-28 points.

  • 2 – 2
  • 3NT*

Shows 29-30 points!!!!! I’ve never picked up 29 points so this would be a bit crazy to play this.

  • 2 – 2
  • 3NT*

Could show a strong hand with a long minor e.g.

♠ Kx
♣ AKQJxxx

Teams Advice

In this video…I’m going to help you with a few things which commonly come up to help you in your decision making when playing teams. A bridge Teams event uses International Match Points or IMP’s compared to playing in a Matchpointed Pairs event.

Let’s take an example…If you score 110 making 3 and the other 5 pairs make 2NT exactly scoring 120…you would get an outright bottom….but at teams with only 10 points difference in the scores this counts for exactly nothing….it would be known as a flat board.

So straight away there is a massive difference between teams and pairs….

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