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Setting up bidding constraints on bridgebase

This video shows you how to set up bidding constraints on bridgebase. For instance this means you could for example make one hand always have 4 hearts, always have between 12-14 points, always have a minimum of 2 cards in every suit. Basically whatever you want to do….however you choose. This is a great way to practice certain hand types like 5-4 in the majors, weak 2’s, weak NT, 2NT openers and so forth….

Teams Advice

In this video…I’m going to help you with a few things which commonly come up to help you in your decision making when playing teams. A bridge Teams event uses International Match Points or IMP’s compared to playing in a Matchpointed Pairs event.

Let’s take an example…If you score 110 making 3 and the other 5 pairs make 2NT exactly scoring 120…you would get an outright bottom….but at teams with only 10 points difference in the scores this counts for exactly nothing….it would be known as a flat board.

So straight away there is a massive difference between teams and pairs….

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