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Lockdown League 11/01/21

Feels like I haven’t played in ages…anyway a nice win…some nice games bid.

Lockdown League 03/07/20

I’ve actually added a bit more analysis of this one that you might want to look at later…

EBU Lockdown League 05/06/2020

EBU Lockdown League 05/06/2020. A big win!

EBU Lockdown League 07/06/2020

EBU Lockdown League 07/06/2020

EBU Lockdown League 08/06/2020

8 boards played in division 7 of the EBU league

Entertaining Teams Match

This is an entertaining teams match I played from the EBU lockdown league. Be warned….sometimes it ain’t pretty! There are a lot of big swings in the IMP’s columns….and a great come back…everybody loves a great comeback don’t they?

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