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Convert PBN to LIN

This video will show how you convert PBN files to the LIN file format…

Here is the link to upload your PBN file and dowmload them as a LIN file.


Kokish Game Tries


Inverted Minors


  1. Nigel Wolfendale

    I have used this program, but I had 4 pbn files, one with hands 1-6, the second with 7-12, then 13-18 etc, but after the conversion I have four lots of 1-6. Is this expected ? Is there a way to avoid this happenning ?

  2. Hi Nigel,

    I don’t know unfortunately is the short answer. Unless you combine them together in one pbn file.
    The LIN files are basic text files I think…so if you copy and paste them together and re-save them as one lin file then i think that should work…so in a nutshell open them up in notepad and then copy and paste them into one file making a minor correction to the board number and i think that should work.

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